Joonseok Lee, Ph. D.


at the top of Vargas Plateau Regional Park, Fremont CA. (Jul 18, 2020)  


   2021-03-02    Joined Graduate School of Data Science, Seoul National University as an assistant professor.
   2020-06-10    Presented a paper Large Scale Video Representation Learning via Relational Graph Clustering at CVPR 2020.
   2019-07-01    3 papers got accepted recently: at KDD, UAI, and BMVC.
   2019-06-27    Announced the 3rd YouTube-8M Kaggle competition and Workshop on Large-Scale Video Understanding.
   2018-05-07    Will present a paper Collaborative Deep Metric Learning for Video Understanding at KDD 2018.
   2017-07-11    Attended 2017 Heidelberg Laureate Forum, and organize Workshop on Matrix Factorization.
   2016-12-07    Organized YouTube-8M Video Understanding Challenge workshop as a Program Co-chair at CVPR 2017.
   2016-12-01    My co-authored paper Boosted L-EnsNMF won the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE ICDM 2016!
   2016-10-10    Presented a demo paper content-based related videos recommendations in NIPS 2016.
   2015-06-08    Joined Video Content Analysis team in Google Research!
   2015-05-17    A paper from MSR internship is accepted in KDD 2015.
   2015-02-19    Successfully defended the dissertation!
   2014-06-19    Will attend 2014 Heidelberg Laureate Forum (9/21 - 9/26) as a US delegate!
   2014-04-11    My paper Local Collaborative Ranking won the Best Student Paper Award at WWW Conference 2014!


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