Course Name Instructor Credit Grade Note
Computer Science - Graduate
Introduction to Graduate Study Nick Feamster
Gregory Abowd
5 A  
Computational Data Analysis Guy Lebanon 3 A  
Human Computer Interaction Bruce Walker 3 A  
Machine Learning Charles Isbell 3 A  
Algorithms and Computability Milena Mihail 3 A  
Recommender Systems Hongyuan Zha 3 S  
Numerical Linear Algebra Slias Alben 3 S  
Web Search and Text Mining Hongyuan Zha 3 V Audit
Machine Learning and Data Mining II Le Song 3 V Audit
Computer Vision Aaron Bobick 3 V Audit
Natural Language Processing Jacob Eisenstein 3 V Audit
Minor (Statistics) - Graduate
Regression Analysis Jye-Chyi Lu 3 A  
Multivariate Data Analysis Alexander Shapiro 3 A  
Linear Optimization Arkadi Nemirovski 3 A  
Nonlinear Optimization Arkadi Nemirovski 3 S  
Computer Science - Undergraduate
Fundamentals of Computer Systems Sanggyun Cha 2 A0  
Computer Programming Hyeonsang Eom 3 A+  
System Programming Jaejin Lee 3 A+  
Data Structures Byung-Ro Moon 3 A+  
Logic Design Wha-Sook Jeon 3 A+  
Logic Design Lab. Naehyuck Chang 2 A+  
Circuit Theory Naehyuck Chang 3 A+  
Electronic Circuits Naehyuck Chang 3 A+  
Electric and Electronic Circuits Lab. Naehyuck Chang 2 A-  
Switching Theory Chu Shik Jhon 3 A+  
Automata Theory Suk-In Yoo 3 A+  
Operating Systems Yookun Cho 3 A+  
Algorithms Kunsoo Park 3 A+  
Data Communications Chong-Kwon Kim 3 A0  
Computer Networks Christian Rohner 4 VG Taken at Uppsala Univ.
See Grading System.
Programming Theory Parosh Abdulla 4 VG
Advanced Computer Architecture Erik Hagersten 4 VG
Database Design Kjell Orsborn 4 5
Basic Digital Signal Processing Soonhoi Ha 3 A+  
Project 2 Yeong-Gil Shin 3 A0  
IT Venture Creation In-Tak Bae 2 S  
Computer Engineering Seminar Kunsoo Park 1 S  
Mathematics and Statistics
Honor Calculus 1 Ingang Kim 3 A+  
Honor Calculus 2 Ingang Kim 3 A+  
Statistical Data Analysis and Lab. Jaeju Kim 3 A+  
Discrete Mathematics Suk-In Yoo 3 A0  
Engineering Mathematics 1 Myung-Soo Kim 3 A+  
Engineering Mathematics 2 Kunsoo Park
Kwangkun Lee
3 A+  
Logic Hojin Rho 3 A+  
Natural Sciences
Chemistry 1 Seong-Keun Kim 3 A+  
Chemistry Lab. 1 Seong-Keun Kim 1 A+  
Chemistry 2 Seong-Keun Kim 3 A+  
Chemistry Lab. 2 Seong-Keun Kim 1 A-  
Physics 2 Minho Lee 3 A+  
Physics Lab. 2 Minho Lee 1 A+  
Korean Jaebum Hong 3 A0  
Writing in Humanities Sangwon Lee 3 A+  
Technical Writing for Computer Engineers Robert Ian McKay 3 A+  
Writing Seminar 1 Deborah Tenney 1 B+ Taken at Yale Univ.
Liberal Arts
Understanding Popular Arts Hyosil Yang 2 A+  
History of Western Civilization Daehyun Hwang 3 B+  
Understanding Korean Contemporary History Jeong Kim 3 A0  
Introduction to Industrial Engineering Inkap Chang 3 A+  
Contemporary Religion and Culture Chulhyun Bae 3 A+  
Introduction to Modern Music Heesook Oh 3 A+  
Human Life and Economy Unchan Chung 3 A0  
Interactive Design: World-Wide-Web Dan Michaelson 1 A- Taken at Yale Univ.
Physical Education
Archery Aesung Park 1 A+  
Inline Skate Hyundo Kim 1 S  
Dance Sports Yunsoo Kim 1 S  
Leadership Training
IT-leadership Seminar Mira Lee 1 S  
Self Development and Leadership Training Sunghyun Kwak 1 S  

  • Grading System in Seoul National Univ.
    • Letter grades: A+ (4.3), A0 (4.0), A- (3.7), B+ (3.3), ...
    • Pass or fail: S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory)
  • Grading System in Uppsala Univ.
    • Swedish Grading System
      • VG: Passed with distinction (Väl Godkänd)
      • G: Passed (Godkänd)
      • U: Under-satisfactory (underkänd)
    • Scales used in Engineering Fields
      • 5: Excellent
      • 4: Good
      • 3: Passed
      • U: Under-satisfactory
  • Grading System in Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Letter grades: A (4.0), B (3.0), C (2.0), D (1.0), F (0.0)
    • Pass or fail: S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory)
    • Audit: V (Satisfactory), W (Withdrawn)